Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Instrumental: Ahead of It

Something I cooked up last week. Likeblood has been asking me to churn out some more commercial instrumentals, and I've taken it as a challenge. Here is the first of many I'm working on for them.

The track is a mix of samples and synthesis. I encountered a fairly common problem with this track; the sound that resembles clinking glasses is a sample, and is layered in with the old synthesizer sound that repeats throughout the whole track. I searched the sample source, and attempted to edit the sample in order to remove the synth sound for parts of the song, but to no avail. I'm curious if people find the old synth sound so repetitive that I should drop the clinking glasses sound more often in order to get rid of it... Anyway, I chose to just role with it and see how it came out, I'm curious what you all think.

Also, big thanks to for still running strong!

Had to put this up...

Sorry for the large gap of time between posts... I'll figure this out eventually =)

In the meantime, here's Nas with DJ Green Lantern and Barack Obama. If you have to ask why I'm posting this, you're funny. Thanks to dnA for pointing this out.