Monday, September 10, 2007

Time Travelling: 3 Song Special!

Three old tracks! Three old tracks!

Since, for my last Time Traveling post I posted "NMJBB/God Is At The Gates" I thought I would upload my sort of "sequel" to that song: "God Has Closed the Gates (Hard Times)" I call it a sequel because it contains the same Fela Kuti sample as a prominent theme, although the track has a completely different feel. It's yet another example of how different samples sound when placed in different contexts (and thus why sampling is legit). I made this around the same time I made its predecessor.

The other two tracks in this post are only about two months old. First is "Unsent" my weak attempt at an R&B instrumental. I don't know what I think of this song, sometimes it seems like cheesy garbage, other times I kinda enjoy it. The second track is "Uh...Ah...(You Were In Love With Me)" which heavily samples Curtis Mayfield's voice (just as you may have noticed God Has Closed the Gates does). Enjoy!

If the Boomp3 players aren't showing, they've been having a little trouble again or maintenance or something, just scroll to the bottom and all the tracks are in my Soundclick player as always.

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