Friday, October 12, 2007

New Loop: Darkglow

Three minutes of loopy goodness. No development, almost no change-ups. This is part of my new effort to start creating very bare bones tracks, get the vocals, and THEN embellish and develop. I'll be sending this to my old pal Dre Strong sometime this weekend, hopefully he'll come back with some good shit. Also hope to soon have that vocal mix of Crooked for you guys shortly.


Ryan Burkhard said...

Sounds good man. Hey, I just finished a film for the Apple Insomnia Film Festival.

Yo, so check it out. Hit me up on AIM too whenever you're on again. Was wondering how you'd feel about ever composing a score for a film. I'll tell you more when we talk.

Peace and keep the hot beats up.

Ryan Burkhard said...
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Ryan Burkhard said...

double post since first comment got cut off.

Amy said...

ahhhh lets hang out and make some music. i mean christ. i got an accordion.