Monday, November 9, 2009


So I'm making a few changes to the blog over the next day or two. Namely some link updates, possibly a bit of reformatting, but primarily the nature of my Soundclick player is going to change. Since a large amount of the material I'm producing now is actually getting made into songs I'll be taking down a lot of my tracks in order to avoid bootlegging and overexposure. I will still sometimes post full songs, but when I do they will be rotated in and out (for a month you may be able to hear the track and then it may get replaced by another one). I will also upload previews of songs. I know it's less fun to have track previews instead of full songs, but the internet is a sketchy place and I need to protect my IP (as in intellectual property, not my address). That said, I hope an increasing regularity of posting updates and thoughts as well as my music will keep this a worthwhile site =)

Also, since I'm updating the links section I think it's an appropriate time to say bye bye to the long dead blog "Too Sense" which was simply fantastic and disappeared over a year ago. I wouldn't have a website if dnA hadn't encouraged me too, so I salute you. Be sure to check out the new sites in the links section. They're wonderful.

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