Sunday, August 12, 2007

Off Track

So Boomp3 is screwing with me again. Their site is very inconsistent so I'm still in the search of a better embeddable player. While I've found some decent, reliable ones, they mostly don't fit in my posting space and I don't wanna reformat the whole blog for an embeddable player I may just end up erasing anyway.

For now, if the Boomp3 embeddable player doesn't appear try refreshing the site. If that doesn't work I recommend just waiting a bit and trying again because goes on and off like a strobe light. Just a reminder though: EVERY instrumental track I post is archived at the bottom of the page. And the Soundclick player always works in my experience.

Update: As you can see in the comments of this Max_Evil from has said they're undergoing site maintenance this weekend. Hopefully the players will be fully functional this week then.


max_evil said...


We were moving servers to new datacenter this week and had some difficulties here at, sorry.

Awkward Silence said...

Hey thanks for letting me know Max! I appreciate it greatly.