Monday, August 6, 2007

Time Travelling: Run With the Clan

In spite of my love of Samurai Champloo, I'm no lone wolf and I do indeed run with a clan. For this time travelling piece I bring you some tracks from the first Likeblood mixtape I ever worked on (I think this was about 2 years ago, maybe a little more), as well as some solo work by Dre Strong and Blastphumis. Please note that these tracks are mostly old, and some have a low recording quality.

First, Likeblood's first single which I proudly have a production credit on. It played this year several times on radio stations in DC:

Second, two solo tracks by Dre Strong which I worked on with him. "Never Believed" is actually, I believe, the first track I ever recorded with Dre.

Third, a track off of Likeblood's first mixtape that I worked on with a guest appearance by Blastphumis.

Finally, 2 tracks by Blastphumis off an old mix tape of his. Both songs will definitely be rerecorded in higher quality. I believe "Dog Nuts" is the first beat I ever had ANYONE record a rap over, and Blastphumis certainly rocked it.

In addition to being some of my best friends, these guys are all just plain sick. Seriously. I don't know if I'd keep producing if I didn't have emcees this good working with me. Support them by checking out their websites in the links section. They all perform at venues all over the place (Dre/Likeblood are currently in DC of course, while Blastphumis is up in NYC) and the albums are in the works. Check their stuff out, you won't be disappointed.

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