Sunday, August 5, 2007


There's a contest going on right now at VH1. It's officially run by ?uestlove, who as you may know, is one of the greatest producers ever and a personal favorite of mine. Producers from all over the country are submitting 60 second snippets of tracks they've produced. The winner will have their track used in the soundtrack of the upcoming VH1 Hip Hop Honors event.

The Rules are as follows:
-No samples
-No vocals
-Not more than 60 sec.

I was sad about the no sampling thing, my best work definitely uses sampling. But overall, sounds pretty simple no? Well practically 9 out of every 10 jerks over there is violating one of,if not all of, these rules. I even randomly came across one guy who simply uploaded a RZA track from the Ghost Dog soundtrack, and I'm sure there's many more like him. If you check out people's tracks and hear what you're certain is a sample or vocals be sure to click the "flag" button to report the track.

There is a rating system for tracks, and you get higher on the list from more views, so go check out my songs. Please vote high for tracks you like, whether by me or another artist, and low for tracks you don't (if I hear one more track that is just drums and a fanfare I may go crazy). Also, stay tuned for more updates about this because I believe the final round of judgement is voter-based. Thanks for your support!

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